Asian Bridal Mehndi

Indian, Pakistani & Arabian Mehndi & Henna

Mehndi is a tradition that all and every bride surley has to experience. For generations, brides have celebrated their special occasions by applying mehndi. We at Bonita Mujer pirde ourselves on our intricate and detailed designs that will no doubt amaze everyone.

We have many years experience with Asian Bridal Mehndi which shows in our vast array of designs. Explore your identity and receive Mehndi that's tailored to your needs, with stunning art that is as individual as you are.

You will fully appreciate our mehndi once you have selected your hair style, makeup and dress as we can work our those to create a unique and complementing mehndi design.

We also have a trial of this service for you to ensure you get the peace of mind of the perfect design before the special day. To Learn more or to book a Trial or consultation please call today on 08454 676 005 or fill in the inquirey form found HERE