Different Types of Asian Makeup

Different types of makeup

Throughout my years as a makeup artist I have realized not everyone wants the same look and the way makeup artist apply makeup. Some of my clients prefer the national, medium or the full on look. However it is hard for the clients to explain what they are looking for at times because they may have had bad experiences in the past with another makeup artist, such as not having enough makeup on or a bit too much (caked), or looking silly and wasn’t expecting that certain look.

Therefore I realized to help you explain what you wanted and what you had on your mind for the perfect look was to break down exactly some of the types of makeup that is available in order for your makeup-artist to understand you because we are all different.

Foundation Coverage

Light Makeup

Do you prefer natural, a light coverage foundation base that can cover your blemishes, but not too obvious or bold that you cannot be recognized. Therefore only a small amount of foundation and concelor is required. A light tint of blusher is applied, your face is not focused on one particular are and allows your skin to breathe.

Medium Coverage Makeup

This is having a bit more thicker layer of foundation and covers imperfections of the skin, freckles, pigmentations also dark circles.

Full coverage Makeup

Covers everything. It is a very well coverage and has a heavy base. It will cover acne, birthmarks, rosacea, freckles, vitiligo, and tattoos. A good makeup artist can also change the coverage’s of your colour if you wanted to go two shades lighter without making you grey. This kind of coverage allows you to have that super model flawless look and can transform you.

Matte look

Good for oily skin however if applied well from your Asian or non Asian makeup artist is suitable for any skin and has a long lasting look.

Dewy look

Are you after a glowing luminous fresh look? If you have dry, normal to dry skin we will give you that young fresh glow on your face.

Remember to exfoliates, cleanses and looks after your skin for whatever look you want.

Eye makeup

There are different ways of applying eye-shadowing and eyeliner. Your makeup artist should be able to understand and work with your eye features and enhance your eyes and also consider what you prefer. Using the right eye shadows will allow your eyes to stand out and can bring out glamour. These are just some of the looks your makeup artist should be able to create.

Shimmer eyes

Has a shine of reflects in the light.

Matte eyes

This has no shine and does not reflect with the light, suitable for clients who do not want to stand out as much but still want to enhance their eyes.

Dramatic eye makeup

More suitable for evening look or special occasions uses bold eyeliner and bold pigmented eye shadows. This includes Smokey, Arabic use of glitter.

Smokey eye makeup

Can be used with black eye shadow, or 2-4 colours blended. It has eyeliner that is smudged or the eye shadow is smudged.

Arabic eye makeup

Very sharp bold look with lots of black eyeliner from the corner, this is very popular with the Indian or Pakistan girls whether it’s for a party or the wedding day.

Glitter eye makeup

There is two ways of glitter eye makeup;

Full on glitter makeup is applied on your eyelid and really does stand out; it is suitable for evening weddings or parties. If applied well from your makeup artist, it will look great. Also a hint of glitter applied underneath for eyes just to add a sparkle.

Eye liner

Which eye liner do you prefer?

Smokey eyeliner

Full use of eyeliner or shadow smudged.

Upper lid eyeliner

Only applied on the upper lid a thin line.

Arabic eye liner

Black eyeliner is applied corner to corner of the eye very bold and sharp.

Winged eyeliner

A very glamour look applied on top of the lid that has been dragged out and curved (Cat eyeliner)Upwards.

Double flick eyeliner

Another dramatic 60’s inspired look but very modern. This requires creating flicks on both upper and low lash lines.

What is contouring and highlighting?

Some of my clients will say or perhaps ask “I want contouring done, how do you do contour, I don’t like the way my nose or chin looks” Some have even come back to me and said some makeup artist do not know how to do this technique. This has become so popular that most girls will ask me if I do contouring. Well the answer is yes.

Contouring is all about the use of makeup to E sculpt your face and define and brings out your features. How to shape and create higher cheek bones and slimmer your chin or nose or whatever you want.

Highlighting is ensuring the best part of your face and stands out and shines. A good makeup artist will be able to know exactly what should be contoured or highlighted and depends what you want.


• Remember you can mix and match what you want
• A good makeup artist should listen and be able to fulfil your wishes and be there for you
• Be open with your makeup artist
• If it’s your wedding or special occasion, take notes if you’re having a trial off exactly what you are after, it enables you and your makeup artist to understand the look you are after, because believe me when you get there sometimes your mind goes blank.
• These tips could be a start of your own training to learn to do makeup yourself.
• Don’t be afraid to ask what your make artist can do.
• It’s your wedding or special occasion you are the one who’s going to have to walk out with what your makeup artist has created or you, so ensure you’re happy.