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How to organise your Asian Wedding?

Planning an Asian Wedding can be a scary task, there are so many aspects that need to be considered.......

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Beauty cleansing balm – Perfect for the asian bride

When Elemis launch any product, you can guarantee that beauty editors up and down the country.......

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Modern day flower meanings

Flowers have been given new and alternative meanings to ensure their meanings still have relevance.......

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Payal Pratap Sarees - exquisite design

Payal’s collections are for a woman who is modern, independent, yet.......

Asian Wedding Planning, Asian Makeup Artist

Planning an Asian Wedding?

How to organise your asian wedding?

Throughout my experience has a makeup artist and being with so many brides. I have learnt there is so much on your mind and how you want the perfect wedding. However there are always things that have been forgotton or not done on time or wish I had done that. I have put together a step by step guide on things that you may pick up on ideas for your wedding day.

Make yourself a check list:

- Place for the Ceremony
- Wedding Reception Venue
- The Photographer
- The videographer
- Pre wedding shoot, would you be wearing asian or western clothes
- Asian Catering
- Asian Bridal Makeup Artist & hairstylist
- Asian Mendhi Artist
- DJ & Live Entertainment
- Asian or Western jewellery
- Asian Wedding Outfit
- Mothers and family outfits
- Wedding rings
- Wedding decor
- Wedding cake
- Transport & Car Hire
- Wedding exhibitions Asian or non Asian
- Honeymoon
- Passport updated
- Travel insurance
- Do you need any Vacinations
- Wedding Invitations
- Bouquet
- First Dance. Do you want an asian song, or mixed
- Favours & Wedding gifts

Now you have got your checklist break it down to exactly what your budget is individually. Then on a note book write each title on page each, making notes, cost, and your request or anything else you want to add on. Go back to your checklist, tick off when done if necessary write numbers of your .ie makeupartist that you have booked. Hopefully you will have stress free wedding. Good luck

Thursday 7th November 2013
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New Beauty cleansing balm by ELEMIS – Perfect for the asian bride

When Elemis launch any product, you can guarantee that beauty editors up and down the country will be raving about it. It’s simply because they exceed expectations and deliver great looking skin. And it’s been the same with the recent launch of their Pro-collagen cleansing balm. At just under £40 the price tag might be a little steep for those of us who are still mad for the Pro-radiance cream cleanser (it’s £10 cheaper at £29) but it promises to be Elemis’ most powerful cleanser yet.

Firstly it’s worth noting this is Elemis’ first cleanser with their pro-collagen formula. Their pro-collagen marine cream is a revolutionary moisturiser, and has won every single award worth winning since its launch, ten years ago. It’s simply divine. If that’s anything to go by the cleansing balm will teach us a new way to cleanse our skin.

First lesson: this isn’t a cream, it’s a balm. It has a hypnotic scent, with a signature blend of geranium, eucalyptus, lavender, orange amongst others blended with starflower and elderberry oils fused mimosa and rose wax. As with most of the Elemis range, the product is warmed between the hands to release the aroma and applied to a dry face. The product transforms into a milky substance when massaged into the skin with wet fingers – removing all traces of make up and dirt, when removed with a warm cleansing cloth. Skin is said to be left silky soft and nourished.

Tuesday 1st october 2013
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I love you more than chocolate… and other modern day flower meanings

Flowers have been given new and alternative meanings to ensure their meanings still have relevance for today’s brides and grooms.

The Flowers & Plants Association felt it was time to give the language a bit of a makeover to bring a new, updated meaning to flowers, that suits both florists’ and customers’ needs better.

The tradition started in the time of Queen Victoria, as a way for her subjects to send secret messages through gifts of flowers when it was deemed unseemly to openly express emotions. The meanings were written down in special dictionaries, and the language of flowers was born. Beech was used to represent ancient knowledge, blossom to express good fortune, and lilac to symbolise first love.

The new and alternative meanings are based on the flower’s folklore, botanical or common name, visual appearance or the sound of the name, to create a language of flowers for the 21st century.

Here’s just a taster of the association’s new flowers and plants meanings and what they can say to today’s modern lovers and friends.

Floriography – 21st century style

Alstroemeria – You’re so pretty
Amaranthus – Thank you for mending my broken heart
Ammi – You’re my queen
Aster – You’re a star
Begonia (flowering) – I love your smile
Begonia Rex – Thanks for your patience
Capsicum – You’re hot
Carnation – Your beauty is timeless
Chrysanthemum – You bring me laughter and happiness
Cornflower – You’re so funny
Cosmos – I love you more than chocolate
Craspedia – You light up my world
Dahlia – You’re great
Echeveria – I’m sticking around
Eucharis – I’ll love you forever
Ficus – I want to grow old with you
Gerbera – Cheer up
Gladioli – You’re so glamorous
Gloriosa – You’re my hero
Heliconia – Hello, gorgeous!
Hyacinth – You’re a lady
Jasmine – Fancy a cuppa?
Kalanchoe – You’re the Queen bee
Lathyrus – Sweetie pie
Lily – You’re so sexy
Lisianthus – Thinking of you
Muscari – With love
Nigella – I love your curves
Passionflower – I want to seduce you
Peony – You’re girly and great
Poppy – I can’t get enough of you
Protea – I love your muscles
Ranunculus – I’ll run to you
Red rose – I love you
Solidago/Solidaster – I love your smile
Solomon’s Seal – Sealed with a kiss
Tulip – You’re priceless
Vanda – You’ve got va va voom!
White rose – You’re my soul mate
Zantedeschia – I’m impressed
Zinnia – You’re crazy but cute

Monday 21st October 2013
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Payal Pratap Sarees - exquisite design

Here is the work of the lovely designer, Payal Pratap. It reminds me very much of the 1970s and the sarees my mother use to wear. Love the material paired with the 3/4 sleeve blouse. Payal’s collections are for a woman who is modern, independent, yet deeply rooted in tradition. Perfect for a e-session, wouldn’t you say so?

As a side note, love the ear cuffs. If you’re looking to rock something like this on your big day, stop by Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop

Thursday 7th November 2013